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virusHuman echovirus 31
accX89557        get sequence
locusEV31VP2GN 150 bp RNA linear VRL 09-MAY-1996
descriptionEchovirus 31 DNA for VP2 capsid protein gene.
versionX89557.1 GI:1311594
organismHuman echovirus 31
  * location : X89557
  * mol_type : 1..150
  * strain : Human echovirus 31
  * db_xref : genomic RNA
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infected tissuebrain

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hsa-miR-10a hsa-miR-10b hsa-miR-199a hsa-miR-34a hsa-miR-449
hsa-miR-510 hsa-miR-524 hsa-miR-525* hsa-miR-99a hsa-miR-99b
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Author : Huttunen,P., Santti,J., Pulli,T. and Hyypia,T.
Title : The major echovirus group is genetically coherent and related to coxsackie B viruses
Journal : J. Gen. Virol. 77 (Pt 4), 715-725 (1996) PUBMED 8627260
Comment : X
2 (bases 1 to 150)
Author : Huttunen,P.P.
Title : Direct Submission
Journal : Submitted (10-JUL-1995) P.P. Huttunen, Dept of Virology, University of Turku, Kiinamyllynkatu 13, FIN-20520 Turku, FINLAND
Comment : X

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