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virusHepatitis B virus
accX65257        get sequence
locusHBVAYWC 3182 bp DNA circular VRL 22-MAR-2001
descriptionHepatitis B virus (ayw,patient C) PreS1, PreS2, PreC, C, X and polymerase genes.
versionX65257.1 GI:59429
organismHepatitis B virus
  * location : X65257
  * mol_type : 1..3182
  * strain : Hepatitis B virus
  * db_xref : genomic DNA
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infected tissueliver

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hsa-let-7a hsa-let-7b hsa-let-7c hsa-let-7d hsa-let-7e
hsa-let-7f hsa-let-7g hsa-let-7i hsa-miR-103 hsa-miR-106a
hsa-miR-106b hsa-miR-107 hsa-miR-122a hsa-miR-124a hsa-miR-125a
hsa-miR-125b hsa-miR-127 hsa-miR-132 hsa-miR-133a hsa-miR-133b
hsa-miR-138 hsa-miR-143 hsa-miR-145 hsa-miR-148a hsa-miR-148b
hsa-miR-150 hsa-miR-152 hsa-miR-16 hsa-miR-17-5p hsa-miR-183
hsa-miR-184 hsa-miR-189 hsa-miR-18a hsa-miR-18a* hsa-miR-18b
hsa-miR-191* hsa-miR-193a hsa-miR-193b hsa-miR-195 hsa-miR-196b
hsa-miR-198 hsa-miR-199a hsa-miR-199a* hsa-miR-199b hsa-miR-202
hsa-miR-20a hsa-miR-20b hsa-miR-214 hsa-miR-217 hsa-miR-224
hsa-miR-24 hsa-miR-296 hsa-miR-299-3p hsa-miR-30d hsa-miR-31
hsa-miR-320 hsa-miR-324-3p hsa-miR-324-5p hsa-miR-325 hsa-miR-326
hsa-miR-328 hsa-miR-330 hsa-miR-337 hsa-miR-345 hsa-miR-346
hsa-miR-34a hsa-miR-362 hsa-miR-363* hsa-miR-365 hsa-miR-368
hsa-miR-370 hsa-miR-371 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-381 hsa-miR-412
hsa-miR-422a hsa-miR-431 hsa-miR-432 hsa-miR-452* hsa-miR-453
hsa-miR-483 hsa-miR-485-5p hsa-miR-486 hsa-miR-490 hsa-miR-491
hsa-miR-492 hsa-miR-497 hsa-miR-503 hsa-miR-504 hsa-miR-506
hsa-miR-510 hsa-miR-512-3p hsa-miR-512-5p hsa-miR-517* hsa-miR-524
hsa-miR-525 hsa-miR-542-5p hsa-miR-545 hsa-miR-9 hsa-miR-96
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Author : Lai,M.E., Mazzoleni,A.P., Balestrieri,A., Melis,A. and Porru,A.
Title : Sequence analysis of HBV genomes isolated from patients with HBsAg negative chronic liver disease
Journal : Unpublished
Comment : X
2 (bases 1 to 3182)
Author : Lai,M.E.
Title : Direct Submission
Journal : Submitted (23-MAR-1992) M.E. Lai, University of Cagliari(Italy), Institute of Internal Medicine, Laboratory of Virology, Via San Giorgio No12, 09124 Cagliari, ITALY
Comment : X

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