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infected tissueliver

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miRNAs in the same tissue showed in boldface
hsa-let-7e hsa-miR-105 hsa-miR-10a hsa-miR-10b hsa-miR-122a
hsa-miR-125a hsa-miR-126 hsa-miR-127 hsa-miR-133a hsa-miR-133b
hsa-miR-135a hsa-miR-145 hsa-miR-147 hsa-miR-148a hsa-miR-148b
hsa-miR-149 hsa-miR-150 hsa-miR-152 hsa-miR-154 hsa-miR-181b
hsa-miR-181c hsa-miR-184 hsa-miR-189 hsa-miR-191* hsa-miR-197
hsa-miR-199a hsa-miR-199b hsa-miR-204 hsa-miR-211 hsa-miR-214
hsa-miR-217 hsa-miR-22 hsa-miR-220 hsa-miR-223 hsa-miR-24
hsa-miR-25 hsa-miR-296 hsa-miR-30a-3p hsa-miR-30e-3p hsa-miR-320
hsa-miR-324-3p hsa-miR-324-5p hsa-miR-325 hsa-miR-326 hsa-miR-328
hsa-miR-331 hsa-miR-335 hsa-miR-337 hsa-miR-338 hsa-miR-339
hsa-miR-340 hsa-miR-345 hsa-miR-346 hsa-miR-34a hsa-miR-34b
hsa-miR-34c hsa-miR-362 hsa-miR-363 hsa-miR-365 hsa-miR-369-5p
hsa-miR-370 hsa-miR-371 hsa-miR-373* hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-382
hsa-miR-412 hsa-miR-423 hsa-miR-425 hsa-miR-432 hsa-miR-449
hsa-miR-452* hsa-miR-484 hsa-miR-485-5p hsa-miR-486 hsa-miR-490
hsa-miR-491 hsa-miR-492 hsa-miR-493-3p hsa-miR-498 hsa-miR-500
hsa-miR-502 hsa-miR-504 hsa-miR-505 hsa-miR-510 hsa-miR-512-3p
hsa-miR-512-5p hsa-miR-515-3p hsa-miR-517* hsa-miR-518a hsa-miR-518c
hsa-miR-518c* hsa-miR-518d hsa-miR-518f* hsa-miR-520d* hsa-miR-520f
hsa-miR-521 hsa-miR-524 hsa-miR-525* hsa-miR-526b hsa-miR-526c
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XXCAA24706.1unnamed protein product; precursor
1 (bases 1 to 3182)
Author : Galibert,F., Mandart,E., Fitoussi,F., Tiollais,P. and Charnay,P.
Title : Nucleotide sequence of the hepatitis B virus genome (subtype ayw) cloned in E. coli
Journal : Nature 281 (5733), 646-650 (1979) PUBMED 399327
Comment : X
2 (bases 709 to 1414)
Author : Borisova,G.P., Pumpen,P.P., Bychko,V.V., Pushko,P.M., Kalis,Y.V., Dishler,A.V., Gren,E.Y., Tsibinogin,V.V. and Kukain,R.A.
Title : Structure and expression of the gene of the core antigen of human hepatitis B virus (HBV) in Escherichia coli cells
Journal : Dokl. Biochem. 279, 386-390 (1985)
Comment : X

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