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virusHuman rotavirus A
accM91434        get sequence
locusROHVP4B 2303 bp mRNA linear VRL 26-JUL-1993
descriptionAdult diarrheal rotavirus (group B rotavirus) outer capsid protein (VP4) mRNA, complete cds.
versionM91434.1 GI:310331
organismHuman rotavirus A
  * location : M91434
  * mol_type : 1..2303
  * strain : Human rotavirus A
  * db_xref : mRNA
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infected tissueintestine

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hsa-miR-100 hsa-miR-127 hsa-miR-141 hsa-miR-148a hsa-miR-148b
hsa-miR-149 hsa-miR-152 hsa-miR-181a hsa-miR-191* hsa-miR-194
hsa-miR-197 hsa-miR-19b hsa-miR-200a hsa-miR-200c hsa-miR-210
hsa-miR-212 hsa-miR-217 hsa-miR-220 hsa-miR-224 hsa-miR-302a
hsa-miR-302b hsa-miR-302d hsa-miR-30a-5p hsa-miR-325 hsa-miR-331
hsa-miR-338 hsa-miR-340 hsa-miR-346 hsa-miR-363 hsa-miR-383
hsa-miR-384 hsa-miR-409-3p hsa-miR-432 hsa-miR-502 hsa-miR-515-3p
hsa-miR-515-5p hsa-miR-517* hsa-miR-518a hsa-miR-518b hsa-miR-518c
hsa-miR-518c* hsa-miR-518d hsa-miR-518e hsa-miR-518f hsa-miR-519d
hsa-miR-519e hsa-miR-519e* hsa-miR-520a hsa-miR-524 hsa-miR-525*
hsa-miR-93 hsa-miR-95 hsa-miR-99a hsa-miR-99b
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1 (bases 1 to 2303)
Author : Mackow,E.R., Werner-Eckert,R., Fay,M.E., Tao,H. and Chen,G.
Title : Identification and baculovirus expression of the VP4 protein of the human group B rotavirus ADRV
Journal : J. Virol. 67 (5), 2730-2738 (1993) PUBMED 8386274
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