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virusMammalian orthoreovirus 3
accM27261        get sequence
locusREO3M1B 2304 bp ds-RNA linear VRL 03-AUG-1993
descriptionReovirus 3 M1 segment encoding micron-2 protein, complete cds.
versionM27261.1 GI:333679
organismMammalian orthoreovirus 3
  * location : M27261
  * mol_type : 1..2304
  * strain : Mammalian orthoreovirus 3
  * db_xref : genomic RNA
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infected tissueunknown

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hsa-let-7a hsa-let-7b hsa-let-7c hsa-let-7d hsa-let-7e
hsa-let-7f hsa-let-7g hsa-let-7i hsa-miR-103 hsa-miR-107
hsa-miR-10a hsa-miR-10b hsa-miR-122a hsa-miR-127 hsa-miR-133a
hsa-miR-133b hsa-miR-134 hsa-miR-135a hsa-miR-135b hsa-miR-136
hsa-miR-138 hsa-miR-140 hsa-miR-142-3p hsa-miR-143 hsa-miR-145
hsa-miR-149 hsa-miR-150 hsa-miR-152 hsa-miR-15a hsa-miR-15b
hsa-miR-16 hsa-miR-181a hsa-miR-181c hsa-miR-181d hsa-miR-183
hsa-miR-184 hsa-miR-188 hsa-miR-189 hsa-miR-191* hsa-miR-193a
hsa-miR-193b hsa-miR-195 hsa-miR-196a hsa-miR-197 hsa-miR-199a
hsa-miR-199b hsa-miR-204 hsa-miR-210 hsa-miR-211 hsa-miR-214
hsa-miR-220 hsa-miR-222 hsa-miR-28 hsa-miR-296 hsa-miR-302a
hsa-miR-302c* hsa-miR-31 hsa-miR-324-3p hsa-miR-324-5p hsa-miR-325
hsa-miR-328 hsa-miR-339 hsa-miR-340 hsa-miR-342 hsa-miR-346
hsa-miR-34a hsa-miR-34c hsa-miR-362 hsa-miR-363* hsa-miR-370
hsa-miR-371 hsa-miR-375 hsa-miR-380-5p hsa-miR-409-3p hsa-miR-409-5p
hsa-miR-412 hsa-miR-422a hsa-miR-422b hsa-miR-425 hsa-miR-431
hsa-miR-432 hsa-miR-432* hsa-miR-449 hsa-miR-452* hsa-miR-455
hsa-miR-483 hsa-miR-485-5p hsa-miR-486 hsa-miR-491 hsa-miR-494
hsa-miR-497 hsa-miR-504 hsa-miR-505 hsa-miR-510 hsa-miR-513
hsa-miR-515-3p hsa-miR-517* hsa-miR-519b hsa-miR-519c hsa-miR-523
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XXAAA47256.1micron-2 protein
1 (bases 1 to 2304)
Author : Wiener,J.R., Bartlett,J.A. and Joklik,W.K.
Title : The sequences of reovirus serotype 3 genome segments M1 and M3 encoding the minor protein mu 2 and the major nonstructural protein mu NS, respectively
Journal : Virology 169 (2), 293-304 (1989) PUBMED 2523177
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