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virusDengue virus type 3
accAY876494        get sequence
locusAY876494 10707 bp RNA linear VRL 31-JAN-2005
descriptionDengue virus type 3 strain C0331/94, complete genome.
versionAY876494.1 GI:58200716
organismDengue virus type 3
  * location : AY876494
  * mol_type : 1..10707
  * strain : Dengue virus type 3
  * db_xref : genomic RNA
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infected tissuebone

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hsa-miR-100 hsa-miR-103 hsa-miR-107 hsa-miR-10a hsa-miR-122a
hsa-miR-125a hsa-miR-125b hsa-miR-127 hsa-miR-128a hsa-miR-128b
hsa-miR-129 hsa-miR-133a hsa-miR-133b hsa-miR-134 hsa-miR-135a
hsa-miR-135b hsa-miR-136 hsa-miR-138 hsa-miR-140 hsa-miR-141
hsa-miR-142-3p hsa-miR-145