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First, Welcome to ViTa. Here is a step-by-step introduction to ViTa website, You also can click to browse every subject. In home page, we provide related database linkage, tissue-specificity expressoin of host miRNAs and virus, and keywords search for micorRNAs and virus, we support detailed serch on Search.

If you choose , input keywords for miRNAs, or virus, ex : we type into "Hepatitis".

Then you can gain 26 result, their definition and putative human miRNAs on them. Here only show 20 miRNAs, link which to read their targeting-situation. Browse detailed amd complete info, please click virus name.

If you choose ,there are 15 tisseu. We show expression of every miRNA by color (from red to green; high to low), and show how many and targeted virus in each tissue. ex : hsa-let-7a-1 : brain are 58/77, it means there are 77 virus in brain, and 58 among them are targeted by hsa-let-7a-1. Furthermore , click number to browse what virus are targeted.

We introduct ViTa by six subjects : introduction, applications, developers of Vita, softwares, databases and reference. In introduction, we show why and how we develop, data generation flow of Vita,
then we supply what applications Vita can give to user. Here also show softwares,related- database
(click to view detailed info and link to their websites). The following graph displays webpage and separates six sections.

Here divide into two major parts for user to browse : known virus miRNAs and human miRNA targets on virus. Known virus miRNAs from 4 species, click box to browse simplely.

Choose to browse known miRNAs on virus. There are four virus that encode miRNAs, click box to view
   miRNAs and link to see detailed informartion.

If you choose to browse putative miRNA targets on virus. Here we divide into two parts for user.
    User can browse from classification and genome types of human-related virus. Here choose order "Moonegavirales", then we show related families and their genus for user to link.

Besides, we also provide liver virus for user. There are 6 liver virus : HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV, HGV.

Browse putative targets on virus from genome types. Choose "double strand RNA virus", then we show related families and their genus for user. Please click to view detailed info.

We provide comlete info and link about virus for user in text and graph here, include locus, feature, etc. miRNAs which are in the same are displayed in boldface.

Here we provide four types of search for user.

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